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Gen Z never knew the world before the internet. Simply put, their world is connected.

In their world, everything you could ever need, everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about, anyone with expertise in an area of interest is one click away.

Technology, education and community are inseparable. This generation uses technology to find like-minded communities, a space where they are able to contribute academically, develop and explore individual interests and inject passion into a world that may be otherwise out of reach.

Information, passion, skills, expertise and community engagement flows seamlessly across this medium.

As a result, Gen Z is the most informed, evolved and empathetic generation of its kind. They value information, stimulation and connection with high hopes for the world around them and their place in it. This generation has set a standard for educators to inspire, inform and create spaces to facilitate a path for them to engage and contribute to the world in which they want to live. Our future world.

So how do leaders in education adapt and support our next generation of business leaders, philanthropists, teachers, scientists, artists and engineers? By creating real-life space to flow.

  • By creating programs designed to connect the community with the school and conversely, students to the communities which excite them most. e.g. Smart Start, experiential learning + project based learning, co-op
  • By creating inspiring, modern spaces and providing access to best-of-class technology and resources e.g. library learning commons

Our aim is to create an innovative program and resource space that emphasizes connectivity, both through access to technology and access to the community around us in order to cultivate a space where ideas and information flow and innovation grows.

A space to find your flow.

The community is invited to utilize the York Catholic District School Board’s on-line payment system for making voluntary donations to the school.

Select St. Elizabeth CHS from the fund designation list. To identify this donation from a particular student, indicate the student’s name in the “Donate in honour of” field.

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