Our School

St. Elizabeth CHS was founded in September, 1987. It was housed in a temporary location, now Holy Family CES for two and a half years. The school moved to its permanent location in February 1990. The school continued to grow, peaking at approximately 2,000 students. St. Elizabeth also was recognized as an ESL Centre. In September 2003, St. Elizabeth launched the Regional Arts Program. A dance studio was added to our facility. Students from across the region auditioned for spots in one of five areas: Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, or Visual Arts. The popularity of this program has continued to grow. The York Catholic District School Board Centre for the Arts was opened in February, 2006. This state of the art theatre has enhanced our school productions and has allowed our students to gain valuable technical expertise. St. Elizabeth has also been given a high skills major designation in the area of arts and culture. The students continued to excel in biotechnology, arts and in sports. Their commitment to helping the less fortunate is clearly evident in the fundraising efforts they have embraced.

School Prayer

St. Elizabeth, we ask you to help us grow in faith and understanding. Help us to know that nothing is impossible with God. Help us to celebrate life with our Mother Mary at the visitation. Help us to offer hospitality to those who are in need, just as you offered your support to Mary during her pregnancy with Jesus. As a mother, you know the joys and sorrows of young people. Be our support. Help us to grow as students and teachers. May our school reflect your gifts of faith, respect for life, and hospitality. St. Elizabeth, pray for us. Amen.

Catholic Nature of St. Elizabeth CHS

Religious education courses are compulsory for students for each year of attendance. This life of faith requires that each student study and gain knowledge from scripture (both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament), the Sacraments, Catholic Moral Teachings, Church history, and the religious experiences of the world around us. Over the four years of community service, students will develop a portfolio, which will highlight their fulfillment of the Catholic Graduate Expectations. This collection of experiences will enable them to demonstrate their commitment to Catholic values as well as Catholic Graduate Expectations.