Dress Code

The school uniform has been supported by parents / guardians, students and staff as a means of creating a distinct school identity. Students who enroll at St. Elizabeth C.H.S. do so with a full awareness of the uniform expectation and agree to abide by the uniform dress code. Students are expected to be in full and proper uniform at all times throughout the instructional day (8:17am to 2:22 pm) including the lunch periods and if attending school programs before or after school (ie. LIC, detention, Help Lab etc.) Students with a Study Hall or in the Co-operative Education Program must also be in full and proper uniform throughout the instructional day. Students are also required to be in full and proper uniform during school field trips unless arrangements have been previously made with Administration.


Black DGN KILTERS’ pants with school initials on pants-zippered and worn at the waist are required by all Grades. A long or short-sleeved golf shirt must be worn.

No hoodies, track pants, yoga pants or jeans are permitted including St. Elizabeth spiritwear.

It is an expectation that as members of the St. Elizabeth Catholic High School community all students must comply with the school uniform policy.

If a t-shirt is worn under a golf shirt, it must be white only. The sleeves of the t-shirt must be completely covered by the uniform top and it must be tucked in.

Blouses, shirts, coloured t-shirts, kilts, scarves, hats, caps, headbands, bandanas or any other type of decorative headwear, shorts and ties are strictly forbidden and cannot be worn inside the school for both males and females.

The approved gym uniform is required for all physical education classes, but must not be worn as uniform in any other classes.

Acceptable Footwear

Students are able to wear any colour of footwear, so long as the shoes in question have a flat heel, laces and/or a closed back (no flip flops, slides, Crocs, or slippers), and non-marking soles.  Please note that if students are using the gym or fitness centre, they must wear appropriate athletic shoes.

Note carefully:
Any design modification of uniform items will render such items non-conforming and students and parents / guardians are responsible for the repair or replacement of uniform items;

Parents / guardians are advised to purchase duplicate pieces of uniform items to ensure that students come to school in full uniform each and every day;

During “Civies Day” clothing that is too revealing and /or contains obscene/rude slogans will be deemed to be, and treated as, improper uniform items for discipline purposes. While we hope that any disagreements about clothing can be settled amicably, in the case of a dispute, the decision regarding acceptable garments rests with the administration.

Modesty in dress is the governing principle.