NEW START DATES FOR GRADE 9s September 10 & 11, Grades 9-12 September 14 & 15

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Students:

As part of our School Re-Entry Plan, students will return to school on a staggered schedule to help them learn new routines and familiarize themselves with new learning environments.  This approach was approved by the Ministry of Education.

SECONDARY START DATES (including remote learning):

September 10:  Grade 9 Orientation Cohort A face to face (Cohort B + C virtual)

September 11:  Grade 9 Orientation Cohort B face to face (Cohort A + C virtual)

September 14: Grades 9-12 Cohort A face to face (Cohort B + C virtual)

September 15: Grades 9-12 Cohort B face to face (Cohort A + C virtual)

Whether you selected remote learning or face to face learning, please expect ongoing and regular communication over the next few weeks as we prepare to implement all of the changes to our procedures,  protocols and practices as we work to keep our entire school community safe.  All of the communication will be sent out via our school messenger system AND posted on our school’s website.

  1. For parents, entry to the school will be restricted in order to establish a safe environment for our staff and students.

  2. In order to have your concerns addressed you must call 905-882-1460 and a school secretary or administrator will address your needs.

  3. Please do not come to the school – visitors will be strictly limited and only allowed to enter with a pre-approved appointment. 

  4. If you have require more information, please contact the school or email the information to: